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    December Days

    </p> Most nights, I listen to music to help me fall asleep. I open Spotify and play the album I want to hear. Sometimes, during the night, I wake up between dreams and there is a song that I need to stay up for a minute and listen to. This was one of those songs, “Only You” by Selena Gomez, a soft love song that is so soothing in the middle of the night.

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    The Day

    Pretend yesterday was a day where your self-confidence hit the ground, and it felt pretty sad. You feel emotion just a bit too deeply most days. This morning, you wake up relatively in the same position but ready to accomplish something to feel better. And your people notice and pick you up and support you. And you start feeling like people believe in you and you should believe in yourself. You’ve got a sense of “You’ve Got This” again. That was my day; those were my days. I have people to rely on. And this song is floating through my head, “The Last Time”, because all I really listen to…

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    Come Back, Be Here

    -Taylor Swift This was one of my songs on repeat today. I enjoy my driving trips back to the City. As I listened to the new Red (TV) album, this one struck home with me. In one of my Reddit groups, someone asked the question: Which song would you assign to your zodiac sign? I know some don’t believe in Zodiac signs, but I do. I could only find one song to mention at the time, but I asked, what else would say “moonchild” to you. A person said “which one wouldn’t?” So right. Moonchildren are so emotional. Sometimes, I wish I were any other sign, but it’s so amazing…

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    All Too Well – 10 minute version

    Love this short movie directed by Taylor Swift. At this moment, 2.3M people have upvote this well-done short movie. A few lucky influencers were invited to a private showing by Taylor, which had to be exciting! She performed the acoustic version at the private showing and the people there received signed posters, as well. This is the first album rollout I’ve witnessed with so much publicity. I became an avid Swiftie when the Lover album released. Then, Folklore and Evermore were surprises. It’s good to have 2 more hours of listening. It’s interesting watching r/TaylorSwift and being involved with the many discussions. Taylor’s the guest host on Saturday Night Live.…

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    Have you heard of Glamping?

    Strangly, I just heard this term yesterday. It’s “Glamor Camping”, all smushed together. I just happened to catch this on my browser this morning, so I thought I’d check it out. I’m going to look through it and see if anything catches my attention. What do YOU think? shorturl.at/clLO1

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    Techno from the Past

    So, awhile ago, before Facebook took off, there was a thing called “Blogging”. When blogging was a thing, there was a general small crowd of people who followed your blog and essentially you didn’t have to be exposed to all of the opinions of the public at-large, just write for yourself, see if your small circle of followers chimes in, or doesn’t, and no one really minds what you write. So, here we are, back to square one. Just in case you need to catch up on every little bit of my life until now, you can also find me at: Blog: https://thatcloudlookslikearabbit.wordpress.com/ And before that: https://lisasplace.wordpress.com/ (2007 – 2008)…